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Garage Lab Guidance

From a showroom for "displaying products" to a showroom where customers can "use", can "see", can "do simulation" and can "experience" the products.

We have a "Show Room" and a "Garage Lab" in our Tokyo head office, where new products
and major products line are shown permanently.

You can move, touch, and see the actual products.

One of the most attractive experience of our showroom is that you can see many of the our products in real.You will be able to manipulate the products and feel the material of the products where you will never feel by only looking at the catalog and the website.In addition, we are the first in our industry offering a real "GARAGE LAB" space as a research and development room where darkroom, vibration isolated optical table and a wide variety of products are available for you to realize your experimentation.

Where you can see by yourselfthe features of our new products.

We have a personnel who will be your guide and answer to all your questions from a simple question to a complexe technical question about our new products and our main products you may require.

We can help you to select your productand image-building of your need.

Sometime, it is difficult to explain to people about your experiment project that you have in mind. In our show-room, our personnel can assist you in products selection according to your budget and your required specifications.