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As part of our global strategy, we aim to improve the brand awareness and the brand value of our group in the global market. For this purpose, on January 1, 2014, we have unified the global brand to the “OptoSigma” that has been known for a long time to our customers all over the world. Under the new global brand “OptoSigma”, we meet the challenge to our business mission of “Form What Our Customers Want” and put forward “A New Global Standard of Quality” by the “Light Solutions”. Our efforts are fused into one towards the improvement of corporate value and the awareness of “OptoSigma” brand in the global market.


Semiconductor and Electrical Devices for Computer and Smart Phone and Automobile and Consumer Electronics. OLED(OEL Display)& Flat Panel Display. Regeneration and Drug Development, Bio-Medical and Medical, Beauty and cosmetic. Agricultures. High-speed and Broadband Optical Communications. Next-generation Clean Energy including Solar Cells. Aviation, Aircrafts and Space development, and so on… Though it is difficult to perceive of them in our daily activities, “Optical Technology” is widely used in our surroundings, and this technology is now truly indispensable to everyday life. And We, SIGMAKOKI contribute to this “Optical Technology” through the spirit and realization of “Monozukuri”. We have the core technologies of ” Monozukuri “, as “optical design”, “mechanical design”, “electric design”, “software development”, and “system integration”. “Japan quality products” with high precision produced from our “Monozukuri” are widely adopted in a various fields including not only in global advanced research and development fields but also measurement, inspection, evaluation, production and assembly in various industries. “Light Solutions for Life®” is our brand statement, expressing that we will support various events in your “life” through sustainable innovation of optical technology and provision of high value optical solutions. This is the basic business stance of the SIGMAKOKI group, and we are focusing on “Monozukuri” towards the future. Bringing things into existence in our world with Light. If it is Light, it can be done. The SIGMAKOKI group contributes to our society with “Light”.


We would like to introduce “OPMA” and “KOPMA”, the characters of the “OptoSigma” brand, who are working to increase the awareness of the “OptoSigma” brand overseas. From now on, “OPMA” and “KOPMA” will play three major roles in various situations: “navigator”, “communicator”, and “eye catcher” with stakeholders. We look forward to working with you.

The Theme Song of OPMA & KOPMA

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