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“Our company will contribute to society through optical industries.”
 The progress of technological innovation in recent years has boosted interest in smart societies, societies of good health and longevity, and sustainable societies to unprecedented levels. Realizing such societies will require further advances in technical precision with regard to size/shape, distance, time and events/phenomena, and optical technologies satisfying these requirements by making possible measurement, observation, processing and inspection in minute units have become indispensable.

 The sphere of applications for the vast untapped potential of optical technologies is expanding year by year, and the world is in fact about to usher in an “age of light”. Great expectations have thus been placed on the Sigma Koki Group, a Light Solutions company that has given shape to the infinite possibilities of light one by one.

 Since its founding as an optical manufacturer in 1977, Sigma Koki has manifested its management philosophy of contributing to society through the optical industry via “genuine manufacturing”.

 Continuing to take on the challenge of giving form to what customers want and creating the new value the present lacks and the future demands while embracing a sense of gratitude to the society alongside which we have grown is the “genuine manufacturing” we pursue.

 High-precision optical products emerging from Sigma Koki’s core technologies – optical technologies, machine processing, electrical design, software development and systemization technologies – have earned high credibility and praise in R&D and industrial circles worldwide, and these products are being used in a broad range of applications, including semiconductors/electronic components, displays, nanotechnology, biotechnology/medicine, nursing care/welfare, communications, aviation/space, defense, environmental technology, energy, food, quantum technology, AI and robotics.

 “OptoSigma”, the top brand of the Light Solutions we provide, is a global brand originating in Japan that integrates and passes on industry-leading technologies unique to the Group, weaving them together to present users with new world-class quality.

 Under the name of this global top brand “OptoSigma”, the Sigma Koki Group will actively undertake “genuine manufacturing” supporting people’s day-to-day lives and livelihoods and helping realize sustainable societies, always with a sense of mission as a Light Solutions company and feelings of gratitude, challenge and creation.

 We remain committed to doing our utmost to contribute to society through the optical industry, and we ask your continued support.

June, 2021
President&CEO Yosuke Kondo


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