Management Principles and History


We will contribute to society through optical industries.

  1. We will deliver valuable products to our customers and always push for technical innovation.
  2. Through fair business activities, we will ensure the happiness of all our employees and partners.
  3. We will incorporate and raise awareness for a socially sustainable management.


  1. We will solidify ourselves as the leading local company in the photonics component industry and aim to raise our market share worldwide.
  2. We will aim for early development and innovation in optical components, optical unit and optical systems in order to rapidly increase our market in the most important fields: Display, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Medical care, Communication and quantum technology.
  3. In order to put in action our sustainable business model and help the development of our society, we will always provide excellent quality and competitive high-end products.
  4. Through leadership employee training and state of mind, we will develop human resources with a broad sense of gratitude and understanding that matches the vision of both employees and company in order to create and realize opportunities.
  5. We will establish a company structure with enhanced transparency based on a collective wisdom drive organizational management.


April 1977 SIGMAKOKI Co., Ltd. founded in Tabame, Hidaka-cho, Iruma-gun, Saitama Prefecture (now Hidaka-shi, Saitama Prefecture) for manufacture and sales of laser-related optical equipment.
May 1982 Head office relocated to new head office facilities and factory at Harajuku, Hidaka-cho, Iruma-gun, Saitama Prefecture (now Hidaka-shi, Saitama Prefecture).
October 1984 First edition of general catalog of standardized products released. Non-store sales operations begin.
November 1986 Tokyo sales office opens in Narimasu, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo.
March 1989 Noto Plant established in Noto Industrial Park in Ishikawa Prefecture. This plant became eligible for a grant created by Ishikawa Prefecture’s advanced industry promotion ordinance.
July 1990 Head office and main factory functions relocated to new head office building and factory in Shimotakahagi-shinden, Hidaka-cho, Iruma-gun, Saitama Prefecture (now Hidaka-shi, Saitama Prefecture).
June 1992 Osaka sales office opens in Nishi-nakanoshima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, strengthening sales for the Kansai area.
January 1993 Kanazawa Technology Center opens in Tomizu-cho, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture.
June 1993 Shanghai SIGMA KOKI Co., Ltd. established for mass porduction of laser-related optical products.
August 1994 In a move seeking to expand sales, Tokyo sales office relocated to larger facilities at Higashi-nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo.
July 1995 OptoSigma Corporation established, primarily for the manufacture and sales of optical equipment in the US.
October 1995 New Technology Center opens in Yatsukaho, Matto-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture.The new facility integrates the Kanazawa Technology Center.
November 1996 Company stock registered with the Japan Securities Dealers Association for over-the-counter stock offering. Capital increased to 999,750,000 yen through sales of stocks to the general public.
January 1998 New factory for Shanghai SIGMA KOKI Co., Ltd. (in Shanghai, China) constructed, and operations launched.
May 1998 SIGMAKOKI establishes Tac Coat Co., Ltd. in IIda-shi, Nagano Prefecture through a joint venture with Natsume Optical Corporation to expand production system for optical coatings.
July 2000 Technology Center obtains ISO 14001: 1996 certification.
February 2001 Head office and factory obtains ISO 9001:1994 certification.
March 2001
  • Technology Center obtains ISO 9002:1994 certification.
  • Noto Plant obtains ISO 9001:1994 certification.
  • SIGMA KOKI acquires Tokyo head office building (in Sumida-ku, Tokyo) to expand and strengthen the sales promotion and head office functions.
July 2001 SIGMAKOKI signs basic agreements with Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. concerning capital and business alliances.
June 2002 The Sales and Administration headquarters relocated to Tokyo head office building (in Sumida-ku, Tokyo).
September 2002 Tokyo head office obtains ISO 9001:2000 certification.
October 2002 Technology Center obtains ISO 9001:2000 certification.
January 2003 Tokyo head office, head office and factory, and Osaka sales office obtain ISO14001:1996 certification.
July 2003 Noto Plant obtains ISO 14001:1996 certification.
September 2003 Osaka sales office obtains ISO 9001:2000 certification.
December 2004 In accordance with establishment of JASDAQ security market, delist the over-the-counter stock offering and reregister stocks to JASDAQ securities exchange Inc.
November 2005 Expand facility of Shanghai SIGMA KOKI Co., Ltd. (in Shanghai, China) and start manufacture of optical hardware product.
February 2006 Unifying the Quality Control and the Environmental Conservation management system together and obtained integrated certificate of ISO9001 : 2000 and ISO14001 : 2004 in all domestic facilities.
June 2007 Kyushu sales office opens in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka.
November 2010 OptoSigma Corporation relocated to larger facility, upgraded production and strengthen the sales operation.
March 2013 OptoSigma Europe S.A.S. established in France, primarily for the sales of optical equipment in Europe.
January 2014 The SIGMAKOKI Group published the new unified global brand “OptoSigma”.
December 2015 Head office/Hidaka plant acquired approval for Medical Device Manufacturing.
June 2017 Engineering division is newly established. The company has reorganized into four divisions of Production, Engineering, Sales and Administration.
November 2017 The Quality Control and the Environmental Conservation management system has updated integrated certificate of ISO9001 : 2015 and ISO14001 : 2015 in all domestic facilities.
March 2019 OptoSigma Southeast Asia Pte. Ltd. established in Singapore, primarily for the sales of optical equipment in the Southeast Asian market.
April 2020 Expand facility of Head office/Hidaka plant, SIGMAKOKI CO.,LTD. And expand equipment for optics, coating products, and optical system products.
April 2022 In accordance with the market restructuring of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, SIGMAKOKI changed its listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange from the JASDAQ security market to the Standard Market Segment.
July 2023 SIGMAKOKI Co,.Ltd. establishes LMS Co., Ltd in Hakusan-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture through a joint venture with LION POWER Co.,Ltd. and Minato Optical Industry Co., Ltd. to develop, manufacture and sell medical devices for the medical and healthcare industries.
July 2023 Two new factory buildings were added to the Technology Center to increase production capacity and improve development capabilities.


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